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What is Soleil Chartered Bank?

Soleil Chartered Bank is a banking institution with license from the Island of Comoros. SCB is focused on providing Trade Finance Solutions for its' clients.

Is SCB a Prime Bank? What is SCB's rating?

Soleil Chartered Bank is not a Prime Bank. Moreover Soleil Chartered Bank is not rated as it is privately held. As a private banking institution it is not required to release its' internal financial information.

What is a Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee and how can it help my business?

These are financial instruments that buyers or sellers of goods and commodities can use to help facilitate trade. Most of our clients aim to use the instruments as credit enhancement purposes or seek to monetize. These instruments can help our clients free up capital or aid in the transaction of trade.

How much does an LC/BG cost from Soleil Chartered Bank?

The cost of an LC/BG depends on certain critical factors:

    - Size of the Instrument (value in currency)
    - Duration for which the Instrument must be open
    - The SWIFT Message Type in which the instrument must be communicated
    - If the instrument needs to be advised or confirmed from an established correspondent bank
    - Verbiage of Instrument

When must I pay for an LC/BG? Can I pay after the instrument is issued?

At SCB we require that fees for the instruments are paid before we issue the instrument. In order to provide protection to clients we always offer a free draft of the LC/BG to the client before requiring any fees. This way the client may present the draft to their bank before we go ahead with official bank communication. This also ensures that the instrument is to the exact requirements of our clients

We have been in the trade finance business for over 10 years and value our commitment to our clients. We understand the value of hard earned money.

How long after payment of fees is the Instrument Issued?

Once fees are received the instrument (LC/BG) is issued within 48 hours. Certain factors such as time zones come into play when determining exact turn around time.

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