What Are Typical Trade Finance Client Needs?

At SCB we understand that trade finance clients come from various backgrounds with different needs. The instruments that clients require can be differentiated in their instrument size, instrument duration, payment structure, rating of issuing or advising bank and the relationship the client maintains with their banks.

We are also aware that the arena of Trade Finance can be complicated for clients who are more focused in their manufacturing/commodities/etc business. In turn SCB also works with appointed brokers and representatives of those clients to best arrive at a dynamic solution. Ultimately, SCB always maintains a client-focused vision to arrive and provide the best solution for the client.

What can Soleil Chartered Bank deliver?

SCB Trade Finance division focuses to provide clients with the best solution to their unique needs. This involves providing issuance of, but not limited to, the following:

  • Bank Guarantee (BG)
  • Letter of Credit (LC)
  • Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)

Soleil Chartered Bank is proud to offer its banking network and relationship to its esteemed clients. Having built solid correspondent banking relationships and an international community, SCB is able to offer many avenues for its clients.

Soliel Chartered Bank is able to advise instruments directly or through corresponding banks worldwide. With a flexible team, SCB creates creative trade finance solutions for complex needs.

Our Flexibility lets us offer Very competitive rates as compared to the market.

***There are cases where others have pretended to represent and issue instruments in the name of SCB. SCB is not responsible for these issuances and bears no responsibility for those that are not authorized directly from SCB. Clients are urged to verify the authenticity of any documentation before paying fees/commissions. SCB is not responsible for any fees/commissions not paid directly to SCB. If you suspect fraudulent activity please contact us immediately.***

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