THE BULLETIN: March-April-2017

SCB Recent Success...

SCB establishes a USD 25.61 million credit line for an apartment construction project in Washington DC, USA

Amount:25,610,000 USD
Instrument:6 month Line of Credit
Type:Hard Copy

SCB enables the shipment of stone chips from India to Bangladesh via issuance of a USD 115k Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC)

Amount:115,000 USD
Instrument:90 Day DLC
Receiving Bank:Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd, Mumbai, India

About: Soleil Chartered Bank

Soleil Chartered Bank (SCB) is an international trade finance institution created to manage and solve global trade finance documentary needs. With a world-wide scope, SCB provides global trade finance solutions to Banks, Brokers, Corporations and Individuals. SCB financial instruments are used by traders, companies and individuals to meet required trade finance needs.

Our Disclaimer: The information supplied in this newsletter does not constitute financial advice and you should seek independent advice before undertaking any financial transactions based on information supplied herein. Soleil Chartered Bank does not accept any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage suffered or incurred as a result of your relying on information or material published in this newsletter. We aim to keep our newsletter up to date with current financial rules and regulations. We seek to uphold the highest standards.


SCB in the spotlight...

Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC)

SCB successfully delivered a USD 13.5 million Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC) to China Zheshang Bank in China facilitating the sale of approximately 45,000 metric tons of coke coal from China to South Africa.


SCB Upcoming Presence...

Hong Kong and Taiwan

The SCB Director of Trade Finance and his team will be in Hong Kong from May 26th 2017 - May 28th 2017 and Taiwan from May 28th 2017 - May 31st 2017. Anyone looking to meet with a Soleil representative who cannot come to New York City, can set up appointments in Hong Kong or Taiwan. Email with the subject line “Meet in Hong Kong/Taiwan.”


My bank will not accept a Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), what should I do?

We understand there might be situations where your bank might not want to accept the SBLC. In this case, we recommend building on your relationship with your bank by possibly starting with an SBLC at a lower amount. If you are a trader dealing with imports and exports you can apply for a Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC) instead, which may increase your chances of acceptance.

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